It is easy for the Flux Beamo to standout from the competition given its immense range of stunning features.

As the world’s smallest CO2 laser cutter and engraver, it has already earned acclaim from professional and amateur operators alike.

That compact nature of the item demonstrates how far the innovation has come, but for those who are curious about its benefits there is always more to explore.

We will outline the 5 outstanding advantages of this incredible asset.


1) Embraces User Creativity

Artists, designers and developers now have the tools to perfect their next project. With the Flux Beamo supporting precise cutting and engraving applications, users are able to draw, snap and drag their imagery into the system before the product is created in real-time. Thanks to the built-in HD camera, autofocus processing and 3D potential for module spinning, participants really can embrace their creative side. It makes all manner of intricate creations possible and ensures that the most complex of materials are catered to.


2) Versatile Material Application

The great aspect about using a Flux Beamo for domestic and commercial projects alike is that it can be utilised for a range of different materials. Instead of being boxed into a single selection, the scope is there to switch between glass to stone, rubber to leather, cement to fabric and wood to cardboard wherever necessary. Some of these elements can be engraved while others could be cut to between 3mm to 5mm depending on the surface. This is a key selling point for those manufacturers and DIY workers who commonly switch between materials and require that flexibility to perform.


3) User-Friendly Process

Experts and amateurs alike will fall in love with the Flux Beamo. With an app integration process that enables efficient and simple operating procedures to a colour touchscreen that makes the program simple to embrace, participants don’t have to be trained mechanics or engineers to get the most out of this unique system. The preview feature allows for complete control and transparency while working alongside a range of software packages including Adobe, Microsoft and many more.


4) First-Class Software Dynamics

The Flux Beamo would not be so user-friendly under normal circumstances were it not for the first-class software dynamics in play with this outlet. With compatibility on Android and iOS platforms, the design experience has never been more straightforward when the BeamCam app is incorporated as part of the project creation. It is considered a one-stop-shop for participants because they can manipulate and shape the application to their own tastes without having to divert or delineate between various domains.


5) Buying From The Beamo Brand

For an investment of this level, it is essential that any buyer from a domestic or commercial background opts into a supplier that has a track record to be proud of. Fortunately that is the case with the Flux Beamo. The 30-watt power of the machine is perfectly complimented by a first-class interface for engraving and cutting, but the affordability and systems support features makes for the complete package. Other outlets simply don’t have the advancement, the resources or the track record that provides peace of mind for consumers of all backgrounds.


There are more than 5 benefits for consumers who opt into the Flux Beamo application. From the competitive pricing to the additional features that add further value on top of the package, this is a joy to utilise for all manner of projects grand and small. Rather than settling for second best in the market, operators are a step ahead of the game when they invest in this stunning piece of technology.