Adding café blinds to your home or shop is an easy way to add value to your property and make the most of your outdoor area all year round. Rather than huddling indoors during the cooler months, insulated shades can allow you to enjoy your alfresco as usual.

These shades are also environmentally-friendly, and can save you a lot of money on your air conditioning bill! They can block many of the sun’s strong rays, keeping your property cooler and reducing the need for electric cooling systems.

This article shares five key things to consider when you’re shopping for your shades.


Your goals

Think about what purpose you want your café blinds to serve. Is it to protect against harsh winds and cold? To provide great UV protection? To add extra privacy to a backyard? Figuring out why you’re buying them in the first place will help you narrow down your list of options.


The climate


Different regions naturally have different climates, so you’ll want to take into consideration the weather patterns of your area. If you live in a hot, sunny spot, you might want clear, UV-resistant shades to allow you to enjoy the scenery without getting sunburnt. Or if you live in a cold city, dark or opaque café blinds might be ideal as they serve as an extension of the warm indoor space. The climate can also determine whether you want a retractable shade or something else.


Mode of operation

Like all things, café blinds differ in price depending on which style you select. Whilst price isn’t the only factor you need to consider when selecting a mode of operation, it may be a big one. Ziptrak shades, for instance, are very easy to use – thanks to being motorised – and maintain (and look professional), but are possibly the most expensive option on the market. Alternatively, rope and pulley shades may be cheaper, but they can also be trickier to use (especially when you’re hit with a sudden rainstorm and are panicking to wind them up fast enough!). You will have to select a style based on your lifestyle, budget and needs.


Fabric type

You also have a wide range of café blinds fabric types to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. PVC is a good option for protecting against wind, hail and rain – and gives you a good view of the landscape – but can make the space quite hot in the summertime. Mesh is a good way to protect against harsh weather conditions whilst keeping the space temperature controlled, but it doesn’t allow for the clearest views. Similarly, canvas and acrylics are useful materials for UV protection and are durable, but don’t provide the best views.


Your supplier

Finally, you’ll want to ensure that the supplier you are purchasing from is reputable and offers high quality café blinds. A good provider will help to make the installation process easy, and offer effective support both prior to and following your purchase.

To find the right supplier for you, consider looking up online reviews of shade suppliers in your local area. You may also want to consider discount stores which are located further away, but which offer excellent prices – just as long as their stock is excellent, too! Word of mouth reviews are another good way to find suppliers.

Café blinds make an excellent addition to the shop or home, allowing you and your customers (or friends and loved ones) to enjoy your alfresco space for longer. They are also aesthetically appealing, adding great resale value to your property.