Getting nude for erotic bodywork can be a strange feeling at first. For some people, it can even be quite terrifying, since many people often stress a lot about how their body will be perceived by the therapist. There’s no doubt that the happy ending massage scene is painted with a lot stigma, even though it is often misunderstood as an industry. If you have never experienced a happy ending massage before, then read the following guide on some of the benefits attached to erotic bodywork and some key points to remember when preparing for your first session.


What does it involve exactly?

So, a happy ending massage is an erotic activity where a trained professional provides sexual stimulation to a client until orgasm. For many people, this type of activity is a sexual fantasy, and because of this, is often a thrilling and sensuous encounter. There are two important things you should remember when receiving the service:

Consent is crucial

Given the rise of the #MeToo movement, consent has become an incredibly important consideration in all forms of sexual encounters. In the past, there have been incidences where people have exploited the person performing the erotic bodywork or received some form of sexual stimulation that was unsolicited. Respect is a big part of this type of transaction. Make sure you thank the masseuse after the treatment.

As a result, if it is your first time getting a happy ending massage, you should always clarify a few things with your masseuse before the session begins. Ask what the session will involve and what types of things you can, or you want to have done. Clarity is an important first step because you can’t assume that all masseuse parlours offer sexual services.

Don’t let the nerves get to you

It’s natural for you to feel somewhat self-conscious about receiving a happy ending massage. No one wants to have their body judged by a stranger; however, it’s important to remember that this won’t happen with a professional masseuse. Think of it this way – your masseuse sees several different bodies every day, all in different shapes and sizes. They are a professional, so you won’t be judged in the slightest.


The benefits of receiving a happy ending massage

There are many great benefits of receiving erotic bodywork, including but not limited to the following:

Stress relief

Relieving sexual tension is often positively correlated with decreased stress levels. Experiencing sexual relief releases a series of endorphins that helps relax the mind, relieve muscle tension, lower your blood pressure and even improve sleeping patterns. This is because when you orgasm, your body releases a variety of chemicals to the brain, including vasopressin, serotonin and oxytocin.

Minimises physical pain

Additionally, experiencing sexual gratification can even help reduce tension headaches, improve your immune system and minimise physical pain. A study in Germany found that climaxing had a positive effect on chronic migraine sufferers, with 60% of migraine sufferers confirming the benefits related to sexual activity.

Improved sexual stamina

Finally, getting a happy ending massage could also boost your sexual stamina. A lot of men suffer from impotence or premature ejaculation at some stage in their lives. It is a condition that can be very embarrassing for a lot of men and it can ultimately inhibit their self-confidence. However, experiencing a happy ending massage could help improve your sexual stamina and ability to perform in the bedroom. So, if you think that your bedroom prowess is leaving a lot to be desired, consider getting some erotic bodywork treatment to bolster your performance.