How to Get The Perfect High Waisted Thong Bikini This Summer

The high waisted thong bikini is a delightful, risqué and gorgeous addition to any summer wardrobe for the beach season.

Women who are on the conservative side of their shopping habits might steer clear of these items, but they do provide the best of both worlds for those that want comfort, coverage and attire that showcases all of their natural features.

To be savvy when finding these brands, it is worthwhile taking note of some sage advice that will point consumers in the right direction.


Have a Budget in Mind

Depending on the brand name and the supplier, a high waisted thong bikini should not blow out the budget for any consumer. These designs can be sourced at a respectable rate and this is where shoppers need to do their homework and stand firm on a figure. High-end retailers can upscale these goods on brand name alone, but it is essential to identify a product range that matches style with affordability in this setting.


Scan Social Media for Style Ideas

The good news for shoppers who are on the lookout for a high waisted thong bikini addition to their wardrobe is that they won’t have to look far for inspiration. There are the stunning retro styles sported with the poker dot creations to the sleek modern black and navy blue designs to the gorgeous black and white mixtures that hit all of the right fashion tones. Outlets like Instagram are ideal for this very market, providing an entire world of bikini fashion inspiration tips right there on the digital feed.


Sign Up to Newsletters, Email Notifications & More

Part of the exercise that is understated with the high waisted thong bikini is finding out when these items are slashed for price and when new designs are suddenly on the market. That inspiration can be found wanting when walking into various stores on a Saturday afternoon and it can feel like a wasted exercise. By signing up to email notifications, newsletters and following social media accounts, shoppers can identify a range that suits their tastes.


Trying The Materials in The Fitting Rooms

Shoppers can read, watch and listen about the various high waisted thong bikini brands until they are blue in the face, but none of that will actually inform women about what items fit them! The high waist component will vary from one piece to the next and this is where consumers have to get a tangible feel for the material in person. The fitting room is the perfect location for the high waisted thong bikini to transition from the digital space or magazine page to the wardrobe.


Matching With a Complimentary Feature

woman wearing a mint green high waisted thong bikini

One of the great assets that women can have when they invest in these sexy bikini designs is a complimentary feature that offers coverage. Especially for customers that will be switching from the beach or pool to the streets, there is peace of mind for users who want protection from the breeze and in shaded environments when that sunlight exposure is closed off. From the v-neck t-shirts to the silk and cotton summer garments that cover the torso, this is a great way to sport the high waisted thong without having to be concerned about prying eyes or a sudden change in weather conditions.


Buy a Backup Pair

While we have sung the praises of the high waisted thong bikini for this upcoming summer season, it never hurts to have a backup pair in case something were to go array. This is especially the situation for the more delicate thong creations, ensuring that any slight tear or rip does not create a wardrobe emergency.