Formula generally reserved for professionals (artisans, small businesses, SMEs and large groups), the car rental month is an offer of rental of vehicles formalized by a contract whose duration varies between 1 to 24 months, with or without input.

Monthly Car Rental: A Choice Alternative to the LLD

While the LLD is a rental formula from 24 months, the car rental month answers all your unforeseen and your needs in a very short time:

HR issues (fixed-term, trial period, interim …);

punctual change of activity (seasonal peak, launch of a construction site, special commercial operation …);

development of your business (opening of a subsidiary, launch of a new offer, creation of a company, external growth);

waiting for a vehicle on order (LLD, LOA, purchase).

With its formulas at studied rates, integrating all the necessary services, you are sure to be quiet to manage all your transitional periods. Get more info on the news of the automotive sector .

Possibility of changing its car rental period in the month

Less expensive than a short-term rental or a LLD, the car rental month is also much more flexible since it meets all your specific needs in commercial or private vehicles.

Indeed, the contract of the car rental can evolve whenever you wish. Thus, if the initial planned duration no longer meets your needs, you can change it at any time in your contract by simply calling your dedicated sales contact.

Take the example of a construction company that opens a new construction site for a period of 6 months. It recruits for this new construction site 15 people and has a need of commercial vehicles. This project is being extended for a period of 4 months: the duration of the contract is then adjusted to this new need.

Very diverse categories of vehicles

Regardless of the car rental company with whom you conclude a monthly car rental contract, you will be faced with a wide choice of vehicles adapted to the needs of your business and offered by category:

private vehicles: urban, economical, compact, family, minivans, crossovers;

commercial vehicles: Kangoo light trucks, vans.

These categories of vehicles can be offered in different engines: diesel, gasoline, hybrid or electric.

All vehicles offered, whether new or very recent, usually have options particularly suitable for professionals (Bluetooth, GPS …) and safety equipment (ABS, double airbag …) meeting the latest standards and technologies.

All inclusive benefits

Know that it is very rare that a renter, recognized on the market, offers monthly car rental contracts without adding a panel of guarantees and services. For example, Arval offers an all inclusive formula.

 Thus, monthly leases most often benefit from the following services:

maintenance and service including all maintenance and overhaul operations and mechanical operations recommended by the manufacturer;

pneumatic tires including support for replacement of worn casings, labor cost and wheel balancing (performed during tire exchange);

assistance, namely troubleshooting / towing the vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;

relay vehicle in case of immobilization of your first vehicle;

legal assistance including legal protection and driver protection.

Flexible and economical formula, the car rental month is a real success with artisans, small businesses, SMEs and large groups attracted by its simplicity of implementation and its all-inclusive formulas.