Are you struggling to pick between the long list of different styles of men’s wedding rings? The good news is that; you’re not alone, as future married couples all around the world can struggle with picking the perfect band to suit his finger and look ideal for (hopefully) the rest of their life together.

It’s normal for a lot of guys to obsess around picking the ideal band. You need to do you fair share of research and visits to jewellery stores to get a sense of what options you have to choose from and what price categories that fall into.

Many guys might choose to go for a simple gold-yellow band, and this is perfectly fine for you to do as well if you aren’t very fussed about the specific look of the piece. However, if you need some help narrowing down a choice for men’s wedding rings, the following guide will help you.


Battle of the bands

When you’re choosing between men’s wedding rings, there’s generally 5 different styles you can select between; classic, carved, diamond, alternative and silicone.


Not much to say here. This is the traditional, flat band that is powerful in its simplicity – but you really need to own it! Make sure that your partner is on the same page with you about this choice, as it can seem lacklustre depending on sensibilities.


The carved style of men’s wedding rings is more a modern twist on a more classical look. Instead of being smoothest and curved, these bands are bevelled with specially etched edges. A lot of guys think that this style is a little more masculine than the traditional classic style – or at least a little bit more interesting.


Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend – and they can be a guy’s too! There are no real concrete rules here, since diamond studded men’s wedding rings come in a wide variety of designs + the more diamonds used = higher price point.

If you can afford to splurge on diamond-encrusted jewellery, then go for it! The only limitation is your budget, but keep in mind; too many diamond pieces can look gawdy if they focus more on the number of stones than how they are arranged.


There are also many alternative materials that men’s wedding rings can be made from, such as chrome or cobalt steel. This style usually has rounded or bevelled edges and is generally favoured by men who already wear a lot of other jewellery and need something really special for their marriage band.


A silicone band may not be the most luxurious on the surface, but they are highly practical for active people as they can’t get snagged on anything like clothing. They can also easily be worn with gloves, making them perfect for people in the medical and food service industries, for example.

For the sake of honesty, let’s admit that men’s wedding rings are thought about less often than their female counterparts. However, that’s not to say there aren’t lots of unique and interesting options out there for guys who want to go the extra mile and get something that truly suits them and their overall style.

Remember; this band is meant to last a lifetime, so don’t hesitate to take your time in picking one and making your final decision.