The packaging of a product has several essential functions for the producer as well as for the trader and the consumer. Custom packaging is a real added value.

The usefulness of the packaging of a product:

The packaging of a product is essential for logistics issues, especially for transport, handling but also storage. In the same vein, the packaging protects the product during travel. Packaging is particularly essential for fragile products whose transport requires special attention.

The packaging of a product also serves as information carrier. The carton contains many mandatory information such as components, ingredients or raw material used in manufacturing, the source of these components. The producer has the obligation to bring this data to the attention of consumers especially for food products.

As an information carrier, packaging also serves as marketing support. Usually made of cardboard, the packaging can be printed and declined in different colors. The consumer can easily and quickly locate a product packaged in a specific packaging using the color codes of a sign or incorporating its own colors.

The benefits of tailor-made packaging

Custom packaging ensures the preservation of product quality throughout the distribution process. Fragile products or those with unusual shapes should have packaging designed according to their different specificities. In addition, the packaging should be able to protect the product and adapt to the most important logistical constraints.

EDC Transmouss offers its services in the field of manufacturing custom packaging with or without protective foam. The company takes into account the needs and expectations of each company for a specific product. EDC Transmousse also makes it a point of honor to follow the guidelines while providing expert advice to design packaging that is fully customized in shape, thickness, quality and printing. The customer also has the choice between several types of flaps.