How Do You Choose Between Offers

If you are offered two or more internship positions and you are not sure as to which position you should take up, you should first determine which is closer to your field.

How Do You Choose Between Offers

Your field

The internship should be as close to your career path as what is as possible. This will help you gain more experience in your field rather than gaining experience in a field which is not related to your career goals.

Time and availability

You should also find out how much of time you will be able to devote to the internship program. Your availability is something which you need to evaluate even before going for an internship at PGP Australia. There are some internships for part-time and some which are full-time ones. There are others which only require you to work for a few hours in a month and others which allow you to work only during your holidays or vacations.


Based on your schedule and your availability you should choose the internship program which is right for you. In addition to this,  you should also check as to the amount of time it will take you to commute as well as the maximum distance you are willing to commute. You must always remember that commuting to and fro to the place where you will be doing an internship will eat only into your time.

Paid versus unpaid

You should also check what are your financial constraints as well as your financial needs. Some internship programs offer a paid internship while others have unpaid internships. Those unpaid internships may not work out for you if you come from an economically backward position or if you need to finance your college education or have huge student loans which you need to repay off.

If you are well to do and comfortably placed, you may go in for an unpaid internship. Unpaid internships usually have the employer compensate the student in terms of free meals or reimbursement for their travel expenses or for out of pocket expenses. Some may also compensate the student by  giving them a college credit instead of compensating them in monetary terms.

Work culture

When you are choosing between internship positions, you should in addition to all these factors also consider the work culture, how comfortable you feel in the work environment and also get feedback from previous interns as to what their experience with the company or organization has been. You can contact previous interns by contacting the college career center who would have the details of students who served as interns in that organization as well as their contact details.

These are just some of the factors to consider when taking up an internship program. What the student needs to remember that in today’s world more weight is given to a paid internship than an unpaid one and that the employers feel those that have paid internships are more serious about their careers. Unpaid interns statistically rank almost at the same level as freshers.